JBS Farm Assurance

The JBS Farm Assurance program is one of the world’s most comprehensive on-farm management systems. It’s been designed to give you and your customers total confidence in our Great Southern™ beef with respect to animal welfare, our raising claims, food safety and quality.

The brands that fall under the JBS Farm Assurance Program are Great Southern, Great Southern Pinnacle, King Island Beef, Hereford Boss and Little Joe.

Our program and claims are all independently certified by a third party who is accredited to the ISO 17065, the world standard for farm assurance. Every Great Southern™ farmer must undergo an extensive audit process to join the program, and regular 18 month follow up reviews by independent auditors.

This ensures they maintain our rigorous standards in areas including:

  • Animal health and welfare
  • Animal traceability from birth
  • On-farm management of structures, equipment, feed and water
  • Environmental management and sustainability
  • Chemical use and storage
  • Transportation
  • The JBS Farm Assurance Program pledges to customers that their grass-fed beef and lamb has met rigorous quality and sustainability standards. When customers see products come into their restaurant or store with a Farm Assurance logo, they will know Producers have ticked all the boxes from animal welfare to responsible water use.