Fact Sheets

Looking to learn more about the Australian Beef Industry and JBS Australia’s processing operations?

Australian beef production environment

Australia produces 3% of the world’s beef and is the third largest beef exporter in the world.

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Australian assurance programs & integrity systems

Australia has world leading quality assurance and integrity systems that underpin all JBS Australia beef. These programs and systems cover the whole supply chain from on farm, to feedlot and processing, providing assurance at every stage of the process.

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Animal Welfare

At JBS Australia, animal welfare is of paramount importance. We treat animals humanely and with dignity.

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JBS Australia Food Safety & Shelf Life

Food safety is a non-negotiable priority at JBS Australia. This has led to a long history of superior food safety performance.

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Australian beef marbling

Customers can trust that all JBS Australia fed beef is AUS-MEAT Graded, providing a consistent and reliable product that delivers tenderness and eating quality to keep them coming back.

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